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5. Generation of 14.0W of single frequency light at 770 nm by intracavity frequency doubling

Minho Kwon, Peiyu Yang, Preston Huft, Christopher Young, Matthew Ebert, Mark Saffman

Opt. Lett. 45, 339-342 (2020)

4. Rydberg mediated entanglement in a two-dimensional neutral atom qubit array

T. M. Graham, Minho Kwon, B. Grinkemeyer, Z. Marra, X. Jiang, M. T. Lichtman, Y. Sun, M. Ebert, M. Saffman

Phys. Rev. Lett. 123, 230501 (2019)

3. Parallel low-loss measurement of multiple atomic qubits

Minho Kwon, Matthew F Ebert, Thad G Walker, M Saffman

Phys. Rev. Lett. 119, 180504 (2017)

2. Coherence and Rydberg Blockade of Atomic Ensemble Qubits

M. Ebert, Minho Kwon, T. G. Walker, and M. Saffman

Phys. Rev. Lett. 115, 093601 (2015)

1. High fidelity detection of the orbital angular momentum of light by time mapping

Paul Bierdz, Minho Kwon, Connor Roncaioli and Hui Deng

New Journal of Physics 15 113062 (2013)

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